Mini-U: Zoo Alphabet: ABC for Kids with Funny Animals

February 15, 2013

Mini-U: Zoo Alphabet Review

Bottom line: Perfectly realized alphabet app with lovely visual style!

Mini-U: Zoo Alphabet by PopAppFactory is an educational alphabet app for kids. The concept is familiar, but the beautiful artwork and diverse activities make it stand out from the sea of alphabet apps.

There are total of 26 screens covering English alphabet. Each screen has a letter and a word starting with the letter. Both the letter and the word are narrated. Visually the app is impressive. Animals and their environment look wonderful. The artwork is simple, yet interesting with its own unique style.

Alphabets can be studied either by listening to the narration or by playing the quiz mode where you must choose the alphabet the narrated word starts with. Both modes are well executed and work as expected.

What is more, each alphabet screen includes a few nice animations and an activity for kids. Some screens include interactive elements that respond to touching or dragging, and some include simple mini games. All in all Zoo Alphabet is a very well polished package and must be one of the best alphabet apps available today.


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