Wombi Treasures: Educational Digging Game for Preschool Kids

February 23, 2013

Wombi Treasures Review

Bottom line: Unique and well executed treasure hunting game!

Wombi Treasures is a cool treasure hunting/digging game by Wombi. Treasure digging is a refreshing new idea that works really well on touch devices. The idea of the game is to hunt and dig up treasures around the world in the spirit of Indiana Jones.

Wombi Treasures is the first app of it’s kind I have ever tried. The idea is cool and the digging mechanisms work pretty well. First you must find the marked spot on the map and then you can start digging. You must choose the right tools depending on the dig site. There are five different tools you can use to uncover the treasure. For example, you must use pickaxe to break stones or a small hand broom to brush away sand. Sometimes one tool is enough, but sometimes you need three different tools to go through three layers of soil. choosing the right tool based on the soil is a nice educational aspect that works well, but it isn’t without its problems. For example, sometimes its really hard to evaluate your progress when troweling the soil or brushing away the sand with the Broom. In some cases my five year old(who enjoys the game a lot) was constantly feeling that nothing happens, even though she was tapping with the correct tool. I think the visual changes should be more evident. My daughter really liked the treasures that seem to be different every time she plays, so there’s some nice replay value there. All in all there is a lot to like in this app. It’s unique, educational(did i mention the treasures are based on real artifacts), and who doesn’t like tresure hunting!


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