Toca Hair Salon 2: Educational Hair Dressing Activities for Preschool Kids

January 21, 2013

Toca Hair Salon 2 Review

Bottom line: Clever yet intuitive gameplay together with a peculiar artwork result in an unique hair salon experience!

Toca Boca publishes some of the best kids apps today and their latest, Toca Hair Salon 2 is no exception to the trend. In the game you can choose a customer and do his/her hair. Sounds pretty basic, but a clever use of touch controls, an attention to detail, and a variety of activities make it something really unique.

You start the game by picking one of four peculiar customers. You can comb, cut, dye, curl, or straighten your customer’s hair which responds very nicely to all of these actions. You can finish the look with a hat, bow, or some hair pins, and finally take a picture of your creation. The touch controls feel very intuitive which makes the process effortless and fun. The whole experience is enhanced by nice animations. The customer is moving and always responding to your doings and cars are passing by in the background. These small details are a nice touch that make the whole thing believable. With Hair Salon 2, Toca Boca sets a high standard for kids apps.


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