Thinkrolls 2: Wonderful Brain Games for Kids

August 31, 2015

Thinkrolls 2 Review

Bottom line: Fun way for kids to practice fine motor and problem solving skills!

Avokiddo Creative Studio has created a maze app with a simple yet effective background and cute player characters great for the multi child home. The basic premise is for the player to use their fingers on the touch screen to guide a character through a maze having to think ahead to move objects, fly or even teleport to avoid obstacles while following another character and eating power rings along the way. It may sound complicated but it’s simplicity is executed perfectly for the age range (3-6yrs) it is designed for.

Along with fine motor skills kids are using problem solving skills throughout the maze by moving objects to roll across to get to the end of the maze and onto the next chapter. The aids to help you navigate the maze change with the chapters making it a fun way for kids to learn basic logic, properties of matter, gravity, aerodynamic force, teleportation, electricity and electromagnetism.

A great feature of Thinkrolls 2 is the ability to create player profiles. For example, Player 1 can be set to an easy level of difficulty for the child to progress at their ability through the chapters; while Player 2 can be set for an older child at a harder level of difficulty to enable them to progress at their own speed without interfering with the other player’s progress. The app saves the progression of the individual player through the chapters until the player comes back to the app to play some more.
Each time the player completes a chapter they can choose between the character they were playing with or the new character they were following through the maze to navigate the next maze with. The Thinkrolls characters are cute and have fun little facial reactions to getting stuck in the maze which my kids found hysterically funny which leads to sometimes getting stuck on purpose.

What I really love about this app is when the player’s character gets stuck in the maze the player is able to reload the screen and does not have to go back to the beginning of that chapter’s maze which eases frustrations for the age group this app is designed for.

In the parental section tucked at the bottom of the settings area there is a button to restart player’s progress and the ability to delete a player if necessary.

Both my children love playing this app they find it difficulty enough, but not too hard, to keep their attention for more than just a few minutes. As a parent I love the learning through play my children are experiencing while playing the app and applaud Avokiddo for taking on some cool theoretical principles of physics in such a fun way.


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