Sago Mini Superhero Review

November 28, 2015

Sago Superhero Review

Bottom line: Awesome Superhero Action with Trusted Sago Quality!

No matter who you are and where you live all kids have one thing in common. Their love for everything and anything superhero!

Flying through the air, cape flapping in the wind, Jack the Rabbit is guided by the player’s finger across the screen to wherever they want him to go, no limits. On his adventures Jack bursts stars, tames an angry Octopus with ice cream and enjoys a quick ride down the back of a dinosaur, just to name a few things for your child to explore. Of course Jack has superhero duties to attend to as well, helping little chicks cross the road and peacefully resolving a quarrel between two angry characters.

Jack keeps strong and healthy by finding carrots to eat along the way and pumping some iron with a friend on a rooftop. Wherever you seen yellow markers you will find over 30 animations that interact with Jack. Our testers age 3 & 6 both had a lot of fun trying to find all the animations in the app.

Hint: Find the alien dance party! Your player will surely love to get their groove on with Jack and the aliens.

Sago Mini artists did a great job of keeping the background and characters simple, a consistent style for this company, all the while making good use of the whole environment, even underground where Jack can find his carrot helicopter to hop a ride when he gets tired of flying.

What I love about this app is the emphasis on doing good, being kind, mixed with a bit of silly and a whole lot of fun.

The simple and now beloved colourful characters from Sago Mini have now lead to the launch of a new line of plush dolls. Harvey the Dog, Jinja the Cat, Robin the Bird, and of course Jack the Rabbit will now be available in 6 inch plush toys for children to take the app off the computer and into their own lives.

So sit back and enjoy listening to your little player use their imagination to create stories of superhero Jack the Rabbit and the rest of his Sago Mini friends.


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