Sago Mini Babies: Baby Care Activities for Kids

October 8, 2015

Sago Mini Babies Review

Bottom line: Probably the Best Baby Care App Out There!

Does your toddler have an affinity for babies? Always wanting to hold, help feed or overly interested in changing diapers if so Sago Mini has just releases the app for you and your sweet, caring wee one. Sago Mini Babies app is created to foster the natural caring spirit of toddlers. The adorable animated characters named Robin, Jinja, Harvey and Jack are ready and waiting to be nurtured.

There are 8 activities (feeding, diapering, dancing, playing blocks, bathing, dress up, drinking, baby swing) to navigate in the app. Players can guide their baby to crawl across the carpet and tap a star to open an activity. Feeding time can get messy but little fingers have fun wiping faces clean or soaping up a face during bath time and spraying their baby’s bubbly face clean with the hose. The baby swing looks a bit like a catapult in the hands of my toddler tester but elicited many giggles both from the player and the animated baby.

The favourite activity when testing this app was the dress up area. A neat feature Sago has incorporated is the camera. Once players have had fun dressing up their baby they can then take a picture of their character, it then gets displayed in the picture frame in the main area of the app. Each baby character has their own frame to fill up and changes every time you click the camera.

The cute interactive characters all have different likes and dislikes. Toddlers will get to know their babies and their reactions to different situations throughout their time spent playing with the app. Watching them respond to the crying or giggles of their baby is certainly a great way to get to know your own child’s empathy skills. If their character is getting sleeping from all the play they can also send their babies to sleep curled up under the care of a big fluffy Yeti.

Sago artists have done a great job keeping the characters and background toddler friendly and not over stimulating. Sago Mini Babies is well suited for kids 2-5 years old especially those little ones with a natural gravitation to small babies and those needing help with their empathizing skills.

Smaller players may need help navigating the app the first few times until they learn to swipe their finger to make their baby crawl to a new area or figure out how to tap on the star to open the next activity.

Sago Mini Babies app is a great way to open the door to discussing feelings and questions little players may have about emotions. Encourage children to dialogue with you on what they are doing with their babies and why or make up a story of their baby’s day. You may find you learn more about your own child’s day than you ever expected. Sago Mini Babies app may also be a great and fun way to introduce the concept of a little brother or sister if you are expecting.


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