Princess Lila: Preschool Learning Games

September 26, 2015

Princess Lila Review

Bottom line: Exceptional learning opportunities for pre-reader aged kids (5 & under)

The Princess Lila app starts with a short story about an enchanted land where a pesky elf has hidden away all of Princess Lila’s friends inside easter eggs. In order to get her friends back Princess Lila has to complete some activities to get an easter egg and free her friends.

In the free version of the app these activities include a counting game, everything from spiders to bumble bees, and a castle building game. The castle building game incorporates a basic matching game to build a different looking castle each time.

The full version is fantastic when it comes to a learning app for kids and is definitely worth the minimal cost. In addition to the two games mentioned in the free version the full version touches on all the basic learning needs of kids age 3-6 in a variety of learning games.

There is an ABC game whereby the player touches the letters in alphabetical order. The correct letter is larger and helps the child identify the letter’s name and what it looks which strengthens pre-reading skills.

Taking one more level up the app contains a simple spelling game as well by making a simple 4-5 letter word, jumbling the letters and asking the player to match the letters to complete the word.

Great for all those little aspiring knights out there is a maze game. Chivalry is alive and well with bouquet in hand, the knight picks them as he wanders the maze, he hands the princess her flowers at the end of the maze. Creating a fun problem solving aspect within the app. This part of the app tested very well with boys as well as the castle building game included in the free version.

Another game within the app which tested well with little boys was the matching memory game. A basic flip the card type matching game helping the players to identify similar objects and practice memory skills.

Players can also practice sorting similar items in different baskets. Helping little players with identifying similar objects and placing them with like objects. In other words Octomini creators provide multiple different ways to enhance matching, sorting, counting and pre-reading skills to meet little learners where they are at from different angles for the different ways kids learn.

For example the drawing to connect the stars aspect of the app has learners practicing sequencing, numbers and creating an image they can identify in the starry night sky which is also reinforced while playing the counting game.

Last but certainly not least the app has a hide and seek the dragon game whereby the player uses their finger to move the torch across the screen and find the hidden dragons in the dark cave. This part of the app was fairly difficult for the littles players aged 3 and required a bit of parental assistance but certainly garnered a lot of positive feedback from player participants. Given that hide and go seek is such a fun game for this age group who wouldn’t want to be the one seeking a dragon!

Once the games have been completed a few times the player gets a chance to crack open an easter egg to reveal a friend. Once her friend is free they become part of the enchanted land scenery. In addition to the two games provided in the free version of the app the player can interact with the background in the enchanted land by tapping some of the trees. By tapping on the sun the app will pick from one of the two games for the player to engage in to free another friend.

The app has three levels of difficulty (easy, normal and hard) for different age ranges and capabilities. Three princess profiles are also provided to track the progress of the player and how many of Princess Lila’s friends have been found.

In the settings section parents have the ability to select from English, Spanish and German languages. The parental control also allows for selecting which games to include or exclude from the app’s enchanted land. There is also the ability to reset the Princess Lila profiles to start fresh with a new player or whenever all Princess Lila’s friends have been found.

The background music in this app is not too intrusive but can also be muted without hampering the players ability to continue exploring the app.

As an added bonus Octomini, the app creators, have included a free puzzle activity just for fun.

The free version of this app is just a small taste of the fun way kids can learn through this app and a great way to see for yourself if it’s the right app for your kids.

This app will definitely appeal to girls in the 3-6yr age range but also tested really well with boys in the same age range. As a parent it ticks of all my necessities in an app for kids; learning the basics for pre-readers in a variety of different ways. The full version is so well put together it may well just be the best bang for your buck on the kid’s app market right now.


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