Pepi Tree: Amazing Toddler Game!

January 22, 2013

Pepi Tree Review

Bottom line: Pepi Tree’s beautiful artwork, excellent music, and imaginative mini games make it one of the very best toddler apps today!

Pepi tree is an impressive toddler app by Pepi Play. There are six imaginative mini games around a large tree. In the top you can feed caterpillars and see them turn into butterflies, in the middle you can knit spider webs and catch bugs, and in the bottom you can help a mole to get home by solving mazes under the ground. Everything revolves around the tree and the concept works really well.

I think Pepi Tree is best suited for 2-5 year olds. Touchable objects are large and controls feel intuitive. Beautifully drawn forest animals together with excellent soundtrack are sure to draw the little ones in. I can’t find anything wrong with Pepi Tree. It’s one of those few apps where everything just works.


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