Pango Playground for Kids: Funny Activities for Toddlers

January 16, 2013

Pango Playground for Kids Review

Bottom line: Pango Playground is surprisingly captivating wooden block experience!

I was pretty sceptical when first trying out Pango Playground for Kids. It looks like a very basic game with movable wooden blocks. I was wrong. Even though the app looks good, the screenshots just don’t do it justice. It’s better than it looks. It’s a surprisingly lively wooden block playground with some depth. I think the app would look significantly more appealing if the plain white background was replaced with green grass.

There are four playgrounds with wooden blocks. At first glance the playgrounds might look a little basic or even boring, but after tapping some time here and there the whole thing comes to life and starts to resemble a small community. The playground is like a small village with cute little characters. In Pango Playground, virtually everything is touchable and furthermore many blocks can be touched multiple times for various effects. For example, one block builds up to a castle after about seven taps. The app was tested with a five years old girl Luna who played it intensively for 20 minutes and asked: Why there is no number five? Clearly she was able to immerse herself into the charming Pango world and wanted more. I’m sure she will come back to this app, several times.


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