Marcopolo Arctic: Learning Arctic Animals

September 12, 2015

Marcopolo Arctic Review

Bottom line: Great introduction to arctic animals and landscape.

What better way to learn about the Arctic and all it’s wonders than through this visually stimulating app for kids.

The Marco Polo Arctic app is designed to be explored by children without limits. The background is movable from water to land and into the air. The player can add as many or as little animals as they like to the environment and interact with them in a variety of ways.

To interact with the animals the child just pulls the animal into the environment from the bottom tray. Tapping on the animal, more than 20 species, provides audio knowledge and interesting facts about the animal and their environment. The player can direct the animals using their touch screen and watch how the different species react to each other. Kids can also feed animals by choosing to toss them food from the options at the bottom of the screen. The animals will either refuse food they don’t eat or gobble it up.

A fun snowball option lets kids get playful with the animals and a bouncy beachball adds a colourful element for the seals to display their inquisitive jovial nature.

There are a few fun learning games throughout the app as well.

One of these is an animal building game where the child the puts pieces of an animal together culminating in the creation of an arctic animal. At the beginning and end they can listen to fun facts about the animal they are building.

One test I do with apps is to just hand it over to my kids and see how far they can get on their own without any help. I found this app not as intuitive as I would have liked for the age group it is designed for and had to read through all the parental information at the beginning of the game to understand the functions and the depth of learning opportunities hidden throughout the game.

In the “More” section of the parental area parents will find some great ideas to expand on from this app such as reading suggestions and activities like building an igloo together which is great because both my children had a LOT of questions about the animals and the arctic environment after exploring this app a few times.

Overall it will appeal to children inquisitive about different animals and the extreme landscape of the Arctic and possibly introduce them to something new and different from their own environment.


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