Little Fox Music Box: Kids Sing Along Songs at It’s Best

January 16, 2013

Little Fox Music Box Review

Bottom line: Visually stunning and aurally appealing sing-along songbook filled with interactivity!

Little Fox Music Box is a beautiful sing-along songbook. It works just like the famous Kids Song Machine by Genera Interactive. You can listen songs, sing along, and interact with funny characters and their environment. There are three songs to listen: Old Mac Donald had a farm, London Bridge, and Evening Song. There is also a Fox studio where kids can create their own music by playing wide variety of “instruments” such as bottles, frogs, birds, spiders, and pans.

The songs sound good and the soundscape on the whole is appealing and diverse. While the app definitely sounds good, the artwork and animations are what steal the show. The detailed artworks is absolutely amazing and well animated. It’s one of the best if not the best I’ve seen on the App Store.

The gameplay is simple and feels familiar. Each scene is filled with touchable elements and surprises. There are also some funny draggable elements. It’s the kind of app where you should touch everywhere to see what happens! The gorgeous artwork, diverse soundscape, and the smooth animations create a wonderful experience for the little ones. I only wish there were more content(songs), but that is, of course the case with all the best kids apps. Even with only three songs the app is easily worth its price so there’s no reason not to download this app.


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