Little Fox Animal Doctor: Games in an Animal Clinic

December 9, 2015

Little Fox Animal Doctor Review

Bottom line: Beautiful and Instructive Animal Clinic Experience

Little Fox Animal Doctor app starts with an introduction to all the animals showcasing several calamities which result in a trip to the doctor’s office. At the end of the introduction you find Little Fox standing into front of a big tree door ready to enter. By hitting the play arrow Little Fox enters the door and takes the elevator up.

Once inside the tree you’ll find a waiting room full of sick and injured animals waiting to see the doctor for help. The player acts as the doctor and has to fix up the ailments of each animal patient one by one. By tapping on the animal the player and the animal will then be taken to exam room and a little pop up appears to show a little skit on how the animal was injured or became sick. The player can then select, from a revolving shelf, different tools to use to make the animal better. There are 2-3 required treatments before the player can move onto the next patient.

The app guides the player on what to do to fix ripped wings, severe sunburns and various other patient complaints. Our testers age 3 & 6 years old were particularly loved in the x-ray puzzle. This app was great for our older tester with minimal parental guidance to become independent with the app. Our younger tester required parental help and frequently got frustrated on having to be fairly precise with the treatments in order to move onto the next patient and eventually just got disinterested in the app.

After nursing your animal patient back to health it’s time to move onto the next one until the waiting room is empty. Once you’ve run through all the patients the app reloads with the same characters in the waiting room but changes the patient complaints. For example Mrs Owl may have a ripped wing the first time round then change to a sore back to keep the game fresh for the player.

What I really loved about this app, as a parent, was the emphasis on treating animals kindly and how this app makes a trip to the doctor’s office not so scary. The animals have appropriate but not over the top reactions to the treatments and are happy at the end. It gives the player an idea on items that are used in a doctor’s office so they are not so scared if they end up there themselves. There are also subtle hints for little players on how to prevent colds and sunburns.

Our testers had lots of questions about how the body works and what tools were needed to help and why. For example when the little girl bat rips her wing our testers wanted to know why she couldn’t fly anymore and why they needed to use a needle to stick it up and not tape instead.

Little Fox artists did a great job on animation in this app and the music is perfectly suited to a typical doctor’s office, not too intrusive.


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