IdentiKat: Catsy Activities for Kids

March 26, 2013

IdentiKat Review

Bottom line: If you’re looking for something different, look no further!

Identikat is a clever puzzle game that revolves around cats and fabric crafts. Identikat includes two activities: KatLab and KatCut. KatCut is my daughters favorite. It’s a puzzle activity where you must put together a cat according to a premade example. You use pieces of decorated cloth to build up the cat. it’s a clever puzzle activity with inviting atmosphere and peculiar artwork. There are total of six cats to be completed. My 5 year old daughter really enjoys them and has done them all several times. I wish there were more content, but for a one dollar experience, it’s definetely enough.

The other activity (KatLab) is more of the same, but this time you can freely create anything you like. It’s a nice activity that encourages kids to use their imagination, but unfortunately the user interface has some issues so it takes time to get comfortable with it. Another usability issue I find is the constant orienation change in the app. Some screens are horizontal and some are vertical. So you must rotate the iPad when you switch between the screens. I think it’s a bad design choise and really hurts the user experience. It’s cumbersome especially for kids to constantly change the orientation of the iPad.

So Identikat isn’t without it’s problems. There is certainly room for improvement, but I think the app is still pretty great. The beautiful artwork and playful jazzy music create a mesmerizing atmosphere that has drawn my 5 year old daughter in several times.


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