I Need My Monster: Scary Kids’ Story for Preschoolers

January 20, 2013

I Need My Monster Review

Bottom line: Exciting storybook with beautiful hand-drawn artwork!

I Need My Monster is a beautiful children’s book app with a great story. The story manages to be interesting, exciting, and encouraging all at the same time which makes it perfect for children. You can decide to read it yourself or have it narrated. The text highlights while it is narrated which is a nice educational detail.

There are 18 pages of beautifully illustrated story with some interactions on each page. Mostly you interact with the book by tapping, but there are also two pages that require tilting or shaking. Touchable elements are not highlighted so kids can be surprised when they find something to interact with.

Besides the story, the highlight of the app are the gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations by Howard McWilliam. There are many imaginative monsters which look just scary enough for young kids. My only gripe about this storybook is the usage of the screen real estate. I really wish more of the screen space was reserved for the beautiful illustrations and interactivity. Unfortunately the black text box often eats up more than one third of the space available. I think a better solution would be to have more pages and less story per page. Nevertheless, I Need My Monster is a beautiful and exciting storybook app that deserves to be recognized.


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