Dr. Morph’s Memo: Memory Game Science for Kids

February 9, 2013

Dr. Morph’s Memo Review

Bottom line: Kids memory matching game taken to the next level!

Dr. Morph’s Memo is a refreshingly different take on the memory matching genre. It’s one of those kids apps that takes a familiar proven concept and polishes it to perfection.

There must be at least several dozens of memory matching games in the App Store and every kid has played at least one of them. The beautiful thing is, none of them is like Dr. Morph’s Memo. The idea is exactly the same, but execution is totally different. Instead of cards there are cute animals inside 3d blocks that fall down with nice physics effects. When you tap on a box, the animal peeks outside and waits for you to find a match. That’s cool and different, but what really makes this app is the mysterious atmosphere and amazing sound effects. I really applaud the people behind the animal voices. They are weird and really really funny. Just perfect for the app’s atmosphere. My five year old daughter has played several memory matching games before, but I’ve never before seen the enthusiasm she has with Dr. Morph!


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