Cool Coloring: Cute Coloring Game for Toddlers

February 1, 2013

Cool Coloring Review

Bottom line: Great toddler friendly coloring book app with a cool retro vibe!

Cool coloring is, as the name implies, a coloring book app. There are numerous coloring book apps in the App Store, but this one ads a few special features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Cool coloring is a simple app and it doesn’t even try to be anything more than a coloring book app. However, everything it does, it does right. There are ten cute animal pictures waiting to be painted. Painting is very easy. You can choose a color and tap on the area you want to fill. The user interface is simple and everything works as expected.

What I really like about this app is the textured color. Colors are not monotonous, but full of small details. It gives the whole thing an artistic retro look. Another nice feature is a random color option that selects the color randomly every time you tap on the screen. Random color option makes is easy for toddlers to create colorful illustrations just by tapping on the screen. Moreover, Cool Coloring is free and there are no ads nor links to other apps. If you know a better free coloring book app for toddlers, please let me know!


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