Amelia and Terror of the Night: Scary Story for Kids

January 19, 2013

Amelia and Terror of the Night Review

Bottom line: One of the very best digital storybooks available for iPad today!

Amelia and Terror of the Night by OhNoo is an interactive storybook for touch devices. I tried the iPad version and was immediately impressed. There aren’t many kids apps that look this good. The detailed illustrations are imaginative and absolutely gorgeous. The story is about four friends and their exciting adventure in a magical land called Mushroom Clearing.

The storybook is filled with quirky creatures, touchable elements, and funny surprises. There are probably hundreds of hidden animals/creatures waiting to be found and each one of them is beautifully animated. Furthermore, by tilting your device you can see a nice 3d depth effect (parallax scrolling) and reveal the surprises on the edges of the scenes. Additionally there are some mini games like Tic Tac Toe and Hide and seek. To sum up, there’s a lot of high quality content in a very pretty package!


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