Princess Lila: Preschool Learning Games

Review Bottom line: Exceptional learning opportunities for pre-reader aged kids (5 & under) The Princess Lila app starts with a short story…


Marcopolo Arctic: Learning Arctic Animals

Review Bottom line: Great introduction to arctic animals and landscape. What better way to learn about the Arctic and all it’s wonders…


Thinkrolls 2: Wonderful Brain Games for Kids

Review Bottom line: Fun way for kids to practice fine motor and problem solving skills! Avokiddo Creative Studio has created a maze…


IdentiKat: Catsy Activities for Kids

March 26, 2013

Review Bottom line: If you’re looking for something different, look no further! Identikat is a clever puzzle game that revolves around cats…


Wombi Treasures: Educational Digging Game for Preschool Kids

February 23, 2013

Review Bottom line: Unique and well executed treasure hunting game! Wombi Treasures is a cool treasure hunting/digging game by Wombi. Treasure digging…


Mini-U: Zoo Alphabet: ABC for Kids with Funny Animals

Review Bottom line: Perfectly realized alphabet app with lovely visual style! Mini-U: Zoo Alphabet by PopAppFactory is an educational alphabet app for…


Dr. Morph’s Memo: Memory Game Science for Kids

Review Bottom line: Kids memory matching game taken to the next level! Dr. Morph’s Memo is a refreshingly different take on the…


Cool Coloring: Cute Coloring Game for Toddlers

Review Bottom line: Great toddler friendly coloring book app with a cool retro vibe! Cool coloring is, as the name implies, a…


Herd Absurd!: Crazy Mix and Match Animals for Toddlers

Review Bottom line: Crazy funny mix and match game polished to perfection! Herd Absurd! is a funny mix and match game by…


Pepi Tree: Amazing Toddler Game!

January 22, 2013

Review Bottom line: Pepi Tree’s beautiful artwork, excellent music, and imaginative mini games make it one of the very best toddler apps…


Toca Hair Salon 2: Educational Hair Dressing Activities for Preschool Kids

Review Bottom line: Clever yet intuitive gameplay together with a peculiar artwork result in an unique hair salon experience! Toca Boca publishes…


I Need My Monster: Scary Kids’ Story for Preschoolers

Review Bottom line: Exciting storybook with beautiful hand-drawn artwork! I Need My Monster is a beautiful children’s book app with a great…